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  • Thema: Townshift – Suburb into City
    Lage: Newton, City of Surrey (CA)
    Auftraggeber / Auslober: City of Surrey (British Columbia)
    Größe: 160 000 m²
    Leistungen: Ideenwettbewerb

    An implant is a microorganism introduced into an existing organism – in our case, the existing suburban city. In order to structure the area of future New Town Newton the project New Collective Spaces provides the implantation of a new large-scale layer into the existing suburban context to give the organism a new impetus. The implant as a city within a city does not strive for autarchy. In relation to the larger organism in which the implant is embedded, the intention is to open up the whole entity and vice versa.

    Our project provides an idea for designing new collective spaces: not over-defined, hyper-specifically designed urban or architectural spaces, but rather spaces which open a wide range of possibilities for use and interpretation by their clear and repetitive form. In contrast to the existing urban sprawl, where urban compounds are privatized and public space is reduced to the roads that connect them we propose the design of a new city centre in which only the footprints of the buildings are the private property of the owners of the buildings and collective space is developed by the municipality or by private developers. All open space is collective space. And all open space is filled up with public programs: a new square with the location of the Cenotaph surrounded by shops, cafes and restaurants, a wide courtyard with sports facilities, the new transit centre block, an urban garden filled up with cultural functions, a wide pond and a Central Park in the middle of New Town Newton.

    The design not of building objects but of huge urban blocks framing urban spaces creates a city which offers its inhabitants an inspiring place to live and a maximum of possibilities for integrating public programs. Instead of a closed city of gated quarters or freestanding buildings there will be an open city to incorporate private and public interests. The new city spaces act as stages framed by architecture which is the background of urban life. The architecture is characterized by attending as much to what there is between things as to things themselves: as a result, public space is frequently its object. The buildings are free from design expressing the individuality of the designer but offer a wide range of different housing types providing free-plans for varied live-styles and living arrangements: multi-storey buildings with apartments, studios, workspace for professionals as well as low-rise buildings and terraced buildings for families.

    Surrey (British Columbia)

    No-Stop City, archizoom 1969

    No-Stop City (1), archizoom 1969 & Surrey

    No-Stop City (2), archizoom 1969 & Surrey

    No-Stop City (1), archizoom 1969 & (implant) Surrey-Newton New Collective Spaces

    Surrey & (implant) Surrey-Newton New Collective Spaces