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  • Thema: Masterplan für ein neues städtisches Quartier
    Lage: Helsinki (FIN)
    Auftraggeber / Auslober: Stadt Helsinki
    Umfang: 220.000 m² BGF Wohnen, 75.000 m² BGF Arbeitsplätze
    Leistungen: Internationaler Ideenwettbewerb

    The little island of Koivusaari is situated on the east-west route of a developing metropolitan area. The route is the main local development route of the metropolitan areas, and it connects different areas with each other trough the centres in Helsinki. The western subway line will connect Koivusaari to Espoo and the developing East Helsinki. The purpose of the project is to create a personal living and working area in Koivusaari. The area wll be characterised by fast public transportation, seaside living and recrational surroundings.

    Instead of increasing the size of Koivusaari island “polymer” proposes a multiplication of the island. The extension primarily not of the size but of the lenght of the shorelines offers possibilities for living and working in direct relationship with the water and the wide landscape for so many people as possible. A series of vistas ensures openess, while the archipelago provides a landscape with ever changing perspectives. The new islands themselves provide very different environments for different groups of new inhabitants according to their livestyles.

    Each of the islands enjoys its own relationship with the landscape: islands of various size, islands with different atmospherical characters (woody, stony, sheltered, freestanding braving the elements), piers, pontoons.

    In accord with this programmatic environmental hybridization “polymer” offers a wide range of different housing types, allowing for varied lifestyles and living arrangements: high-rise buildings in the midst ot the water with tower-lofts for the global commuters, detached low-rise buildings for families in the midst o littel wooded islands, clusters of houses as neighbourhouds and co-housing for groups, house factories for professionals in need of a workspace.